Modular Formwork

The word modular itself can mean scale and size, meaning that the templates can also be made depending on the structure to be built. The modular molding system is very economical because of its use in the execution of all concrete structures such as wall foundations, columns, beams and slabs.
Modular formwork enables custom layouts in concrete bodies and is one of the most essential workshop equipment, with the ability to vary and harmonize with the specific requirements of each project.
Concrete metal molds can be used repeatedly, and the useful life of modular concrete molds depends on the maintenance of the concrete metal molds, at least up to 60 times without deformation and distortion if the concrete is not tossed and dropped.
When executing structures using a metal mold you can achieve a solid, secure and beautiful structure. Implementation of all foundations, including single, strip,
radius and etc is very simple, economical and fast using modular formats. Composition and joining of metal panels, bracket pipes, fittings such as pins and wedges, molded pipe clamps, punched corners and the use of inner corners, outer corners and fillers can be molded and executed. At the same time, it should be noted that the foundation is the largest and heaviest part of the concrete structure, and the high volume of concrete and mold filling speed results in the lateral pressure of the concrete and its shear force.

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