utility pole

Utility pole

utility pole is an essential product in electrical energy transmission systems, which plays a very important role in reducing energy losses, increasing efficiency, and maintaining the stability of electrical networks. The fundamental challenges of the energy industry have become In this regard, "electric pole" is introduced as one of the [...]

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Road guardrail

road guardrail is an important structure in road construction that increases the safety of drivers and passengers. This structure is installed as a protector between two road boundaries so that in case of an accident, cars do not leave the road. [...]

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تیر برق

iraqi poles

An Iraqi base or Iraqi pylon (electricity pylon) is one of the metal structures for electricity transmission that is manufactured for the purpose of transmitting electricity in Iraq and according to the standards of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity. [...]

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گالوانیزه کردن فرآیندی است که طی آن انواع مختلفی از فرآورده های فولادی با فلز روی پوشش داده تا مقاومت آنها رادر مقابل فرسایش و زنگ زدگی افزایش بدهد.شرکت مهیار پروفیل سپاهان افتخار دارد طیف وسیعی شامل همه خدمات گالوانیزاسیون را انجام دهد. واحد شیمیایی این شرکت با بهره‌گیری از کارشناسان مجرب خدمات گالوانیزاسیون خود را با بالاترین استانداردهای بین المللی انجام میدهد

Galvanizing Services

Galvanizing Services of Mahyar Sepahan Profile Company: A Guarantee for Longer Life of Your Structures Mahyar Sepahan Profile Company, with a brilliant history in the field of production and supply of various steel sections, is proud to offer a full range of galvanizing services to its customers. Galvanizing is an [...]

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Brackets can be used in various places such as public roads, parks, gardens, squares, streets, roads, industrial and commercial areas, and even residential homes. The variety of designs and models of Mehyar Sepahan Profile Company brackets makes it possible to use them in any situation. [...]

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light pole


Mahyar Profile Sepahan Lighting Poles: Illumination Beyond Darkness In today’s world, lighting for streets, parks, gardens, squares, roads, highways, industrial and commercial areas, and even residential homes goes beyond providing visibility at night. Lighting poles, as one of the urban symbols, also play a significant role in the aesthetics and [...]

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camera pole

Camera pole: surveillance and urban traffic

Urban traffic and surveillance camera pole play an essential role in increasing security and improving traffic in cities. These foundations act as the skeleton of surveillance and traffic camera products and help cities become a healthy and smart environment by providing order and security to their citizens. [...]

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Ceiling Jacks

Ceiling Jacks

Mehyar Profile Sepahan Shoring Jack: A Multipurpose Product with High Quality and Easy UseMehyar Profile Sepahan shoring jacks are known as a multipurpose product in the construction industry due to their high quality, easy and safe usability, along with a variety of sizes and load capacities. [...]

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Curved Surfaces

Plywood Formwork

Plywood Formwork are flexible due to adjustable joints and can be used to mold diameters of 3 meters and above. The advantage of this system is its flexibility, which can also be used on curved surfaces. [...]

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