Road guardrail

road guardrail is an important structure in road construction that increases the safety of drivers and passengers. This structure is installed as a protector between two road boundaries so that in case of an accident, cars do not leave the road. [...]

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تیر برق

Utility pole

Mahyar Sepahan company produces all kinds of tubular Iraqi beams and bases or mesh Iraqi electrical beams: Tubular Iraqi base or mesh Iraqi pole (Amoud al-Kahraba): Iraqi base or Iraqi electric pole (Amoud al-Kahraba) is one of the metal structures for electricity transmission, which is produced for the purpose of [...]

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گالوانیزه کردن فرآیندی است که طی آن انواع مختلفی از فرآورده های فولادی با فلز روی پوشش داده تا مقاومت آنها رادر مقابل فرسایش و زنگ زدگی افزایش بدهد.شرکت مهیار پروفیل سپاهان افتخار دارد طیف وسیعی شامل همه خدمات گالوانیزاسیون را انجام دهد. واحد شیمیایی این شرکت با بهره‌گیری از کارشناسان مجرب خدمات گالوانیزاسیون خود را با بالاترین استانداردهای بین المللی انجام میدهد

Galvanizing Services

Galvanizing is a process whereby various types of steel products are coated with zinc to increase their resistance to corrosion and rust. Mahyar Profil Sepahan is proud to offer a range of all galvanizing services.The chemical unit of this company employs the most experienced experts to render its galvanizing services [...]

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Types of Brackets

Different types of base lights and brackets are used to keep the lights in place depending on the location, and in the design and construction of urban equipment, this equipment is used to help beautify urban furniture in addition to providing lighting. [...]

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light pole


Today, besides lighting urban corridors and gardens, lighting fixtures also play a role in beautifying the city’s public spaces, as one of the symbols of the city. To meet this urgent need, Sepahan Pipe & Profile Industrial Company has designed, manufactured and installed lighting fixtures in custom designs and fashions [...]

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camera pole


With the development of technology and the increasing level of urban and interurban passages, the need to register images and send them to traffic control centers has become particularly important. Obviously, in order to increase the field of view of the cameras, these cameras need to be mounted at an [...]

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پایه دوربین


With the increase in the number of urban streets as well as intercity roads and highways and the need for better traffic control and alerting drivers of vehicles, these bases are increasingly being used to install traffic signs, traffic lights and traffic billboards. The company has designed, manufactured and implemented [...]

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bridge scaffolding

Triangular Modular Scaffold

This type of scaffolding made of triangular frames is very easy to install. Their mounts are male and female and do not require specialized manpower to be installed. The loading rate of these scaffolds is very high. At the top of these scaffolds, a screw is adjusted to determine the [...]

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Ceiling Jacks

Ceiling Jacks

The ceiling jacks are made of male and female parts and are used to restrain modular molds or roof structures. The ceiling jack is used for candle molding of roof or concrete beams. Ceiling jacks are the most economical means of executing light slabs and block joists. These jacks are [...]

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Curved Surfaces

Curved Surfaces Plywood Formwork

Basic molding Some machines cannot be made using modular molding. Hence, the template must be custom designed for that purpose. Specific molds are usually designed and manufactured for irregularly shaped, curved, and non-angular angles. In designing this particular mold, the criteria for loading and changing the shape must be calculated. [...]

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