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Towers and bases

high mast 11 to 32 meters
Stadium Towers stable and movable
lighting pole Various designs
Flag mast Motorized
iraqi poles Mesh and tubular base
traffic signal pole Hot-dip galvanization
bracket pole Types of lamp pole
camera pole Tubular and multifaceted
Utility pole Types of electrical bases

The masts

galvanized Electric masts The highest quality galvanized
High pressure towers Lattice and single base
Communication masts Self-standing, restrained and reflective


Plywood Formwork For curved surfaces
Ceiling Jacks From 3 to 4.5 meters
bridge scaffolding Triangular Modular Scaffold

Thick pipes

Water and pile consumption as well as the use of oil and gas and petrochemical industries
Spiral tubes Up to 1 inch thick
Galvanized pipes From 3 to 4.5 meters

Galvanizing Services

Galvanization Galvanizing is a process whereby various types of steel products are coated with zinc to increase their resistance to corrosion and rust. Mahyar Profil Sepahan is proud to offer a range of all galvanizing services.The chemical unit of this company employs the most experienced experts to render its galvanizing services to the highest international standards.
Road guardrail Among the types of guard rails, we can mention the two-wave or three-wave types