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Triangular Modular Scaffold is made up of triangular shaped frames, which are very easy to install, their connections are male and female, and there is no need for expert manpower for installation, and of course, the load capacity of these scaffolds is also very high. The upper part of these scaffolds has an adjustment screw to determine the exact level. These scaffolds are usually used in roof or beam framing. These scaffolds are made of frames with a height of 0.5, 0.75 and 1 meter, and any height can be adjusted with these scaffolds. The distance between the towers Scaffolding depends on the incoming force. According to the type of profile used for transverse and longitudinal tension, the distance of the scaffolding ridges can be changed. In this type of scaffolding, it is possible to use wheels to move a scaffolding, which increases the speed of moving. Scaffolds can be placed and reinstalled, these scaffolds can also be used for facade construction.

Triangular Modular Scaffold: Introduction and Applications

Triangular Modular Scaffold is one of the most important tools in the industrial and construction field. This simple structure is designed in a triangular shape, but it has significant advantages that improve safety and work at height.

The opportunity to exploit safety

Triangular scaffolding is usually made of resistant materials that have high stability. These tools to a large extent ensure the risks associated with working at height and the safety of employees.

Integrity and simplicity

Triangular scaffolding has a simple but efficient design that allows users to use it easily and avoids additional complications.

Various applications

Triangular scaffolding is used in construction and industrial repairs and various industries. This versatility has made it one of the most important and vital tools in the world of height work.
As a result, triangular scaffolding is not only one of the necessary tools in height works, but also plays a major role in improving the safety and efficiency of these works. In the following, we will discuss the complete introduction, description and advantages of this type of scaffolding.

Characteristics of triangular scaffolding

Triangular scaffolding has unique features that distinguish it from other tools in this field.

  • Resistant and reliable structure: One of the distinctive features of triangular scaffolding is its resistant structure. This structure is able to withstand high weights and harsh environmental conditions due to its triangular structure and quality materials used in its preparation.
  • Height adjustment: Triangular scaffolding allows for height adjustment. This feature allows users to work at different heights.
  • Lightweight and portable: This tool is lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to transport, and it is also possible to install a wheel under these scaffolds, which makes it easier to move.
  • High productivity: With precise engineering design, triangular scaffolding allows users to have high productivity. These tools increase the speed and efficiency of work and reduce the time spent at heights.
  • Ease of use: triangular scaffolding has a simple design that can be easily used through simple labor.
  • Safety: The main feature of this tool is the safety of employees at heights. It uses safety platforms and protection mechanisms to prevent accidents.

These features are a summary of the reasons why triangular scaffolding is considered as a vital tool in height and industrial works.
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