تیر برق

Mahyar Sepahan company produces all kinds of tubular Iraqi beams and bases or mesh Iraqi electrical beams:
Tubular Iraqi base or mesh Iraqi pole (Utility pole):
Iraqi base or Iraqi electric pole (Utility pole) is one of the metal structures for electricity transmission, which is produced for the purpose of electricity transmission in Iraq and according to the standards of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity.

Iraqi transmission towers usually include the following two models:

Iraqi tubular street pole

Pipe supports or poles, which are also called power poles or telescopic poles, are tubular poles for power transmission or other uses. At the highest point of the base (the crown of the base), a piece of steel is welded in the shape of the Persian number eight, which is also connected by a horizontal interface. Above the bending point and in the middle of the intermediate arm, there is a hole where the cable holder is connected. There are 5 holes in the upper part of the base for this purpose. Depending on the height of the product, it goes below the ground level between 1.5 and 2.5 meters after installation, or sinks into the ground.

Iraqi lattice street pole

Grid bases, as their name suggests, are a connection of two bases connected to each other, which looks like an equilateral triangle with a very small base and large sides. The material of the body and arms used in the mesh base is made of steel according to the table in the picture and the relevant brochure. This product is manufactured and supplied in galvanized form.

Galvanized metal structures that are used in the neighboring country of Iraq, such as lighting lamp bases or galvanized electricity transmission poles, have similarities with similar Iranian products, but they are basically different in terms of material.
That is, ST37 steel is used in the production of Iranian foundations, while ST51 or ST52 steel is used in the production of tubular Iraqi foundations or in the production of Iraqi grid electricity poles.
Iraqi round and mesh foundations are produced at heights of 9 and 11 meters and after installation, some of the foundation is sunk into the ground.

14 meter mesh base beams

It is the same as the previous product, but it is produced and supplied in 14 meters length. High strength and success in all technical tests are prominent characteristics of this product.


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