road guardrail is an important structure in road construction that increases the safety of drivers and passengers. This structure is installed as a protector between two road boundaries so that in case of an accident, cars do not leave the road.

What is a road guardrail or parapet?

Road guardrail
Along with the growth of communities and vehicles, the need for road and highway security is felt more. Currently, with the aim of increasing the safety factor of roads and cars, as well as controlling some damages caused by traffic accidents and consequently reducing casualties, fences are used on the sides of the roads, which are called guardrails. Guardrails are used to reduce road accidents such as preventing vehicles from falling and being thrown around. Among the types of guard rails, we can mention the two-wave or three-wave types.

Types of road guardrails and their use

Guardrails are divided into 3 groups based on their use, which include: side guardrails, middle guardrails, and shock absorbers.

By looking at the table below, you can find out about their use.

              ApplicationTypes of guardrails
It is next to the street and to protect from accidents and deviating from the main road.     side
In the middle of the roads to separate the back and forth lanes

It is to prevent traffic.

By swerving the vehicle, it prevents the collision of the vehicle.    Bumper

The side and middle guardrails are divided into three types of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid guards depending on the degree of flexibility.

When buying a road guardrail, you should pay attention to the standard of the country you are looking for, so if you are ordering from a country other than Iran , please mention your desired standard when ordering.
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